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Well Water Treatment Systems that Work

Are you and your family having any of the following problems?

  • Water makes your dishes look dirty straight from the dish washer
  • Orange/Red stains (caused by iron) that just don't want to go away
  • Blue/Green growth (caused by a pH imbalance) appears around the base of your water spigot
  • Skin feels itchy and looks dry
  • Well water has a nasty odor or really bad taste
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Water Treatment in Gainesville, FL

While wells are a great way to supply rural homes, crops, and livestock with fresh water, a well owner may have to contend with a number of problems that can impact water quality. Contaminants, lack of supply, and hard water are all common problems that a Gainesville well pump repair company can help remedy.

Hard Water

One of the most common water problems in our area is hard water. Hard water occurs when excess calcium and magnesium in the water causes buildup in pipes and fixtures. This can leave a white residue and cause permanent damage to a home’s plumbing. Hard water can be easily remedied with a water softener. A reputable Gainesville pump repair company like Perry’s Pump Repair can easily install a low-maintenance water softener to solve your hard water problems.

Bacteria & Contaminants

Another common problem for North Central Florida well owners is bacteria in their water supply. While some bacteria is harmless, others such as sulfur bacteria can cause water to have a foul odor, bad taste, and even make people or livestock ill. It is important to have your well water regularly tested for the presence of bacteria. The knowledgeable water well pump repair technicians at Perry’s Pump Repair can test your water and recommend corrective measures if needed. We install a wide variety of water filtration systems to handle every type of bacteria.

Minerals & Sediment

Sediment is common in water drawn from lakes, rivers, and ponds. Sediment can build up in pipes, damage fixtures, and leave grit in glasses. This problem can be easily rectified with a simple sediment filter. Perry’s Pump Repair carries filters than can service an entire house or be placed on individual fixtures depending on your needs.

Iron and manganese can also be a problem in our area. These minerals can leave water looking cloudy and leave rust stains on sinks and toilets. A conventional water softener will rectify a mild problem, and our company can recommend and install more targeted filters if necessary.

Low Water Supply

While a professionally installed well should produce a sufficient amount of water to meet the needs of the average homeowner, those who wish to irrigate crops or water livestock may require additional water storage solutions. Perry’s Pump Repair carries water holding tanks and storage systems to ensure your well is able to meet your requirements.

Gainesville Water Treatment Services

A low producing well can also be a frustrating problem that leads to low water supply. A well pump company in Gainesville like Perry’s Pump Repair can install a new pump or recommend water storage solutions that can help customers meet their water needs even with a low producing well. A clean, functional, and sufficiently producing well is critical for homes, plants, and livestock. The certified, experienced, and professional water well pump repair technicians at Perry’s Pump Repair can diagnose your water supply issues and recommend solutions to ensure your well is meeting your needs. Call us today!


What You Need to Know About Your Water System

Whether you are considering getting a water well system or have had one for a long time, there are certain things you need to be aware of. You will need to be knowledgeable about water systems in order to make an informed decision about what type of system is best for you. If you are a long time well owner, you will need to have a basic understanding of your system in order to help a well pump repair company come up with a solution.


City/Municipal Water Testing

Water is used every day for drinking, bathing, cleaning and much more. If there is a problem with your water quality, your health or the health of your loved ones may be negatively affected. Well water is not the only type of water you should monitor. Even with inspections completed by your city, you should still have your municipal water checked regularly. A Gainesville well pump repair technician can test your water for harmful contaminants.


Well Water Testing

A good source of drinking water is one of the most basic and essential of human needs. If you have a well, you need to ensure the water is free of contaminants and the system is working properly, whether it's used for livestock, crops, or your own family. Well water testing on a regular basis is important to ensuring a safe and reliable source of clean water.


Water Softeners

The flow of hard water creates build-up on the inside of pipes, and over a period of time, causes pipes to become completely clogged. Water is considered "hard" if it contains a lot of magnesium, calcium or other minerals. The particles that are found in hard water will cause stains and spots to appear on your glasses and dishes. Also, if you suffer from itchy, dry skin and have a difficult time lathering up soap and toothpaste, you probably have hard water.


Water Purification & Filters

Water is absolutely critical for our survival as a species. We can live about a month without food, but only about a week without water. Water is essential for proper circulation, and leads us to overall better health by flushing out wastes that can cause disease.


Well Water Chlorinators

A water chlorinator is a simple device that delivers a small, controlled amount of chlorine into a gravity-fed water system to disinfect contaminated water for safe drinking and other uses. Water chlorinators are extremely cheap and portable, which allows them to be used in homes in rural areas that don’t have access to public water treatment facilities. Because of their ability to clean water quickly and cheaply, water chlorinators are often used in developing countries to provide safe drinking water to millions of people where fecal contaminants and parasites are common.


Reverse Osmosis Systems

If you’re interested in a reverse osmosis water filtration system, contact Florida water treatment company Perry’s Pump Repair LLC. We install, service and maintain reverse osmosis systems through North Florida and North Central Florida.


Choosing a Water Filtration System

Water purification is an important part of our daily life. There are more than 2,100 different types of contaminants that can be found in water. A good filtration system will help protect your family and keep them healthy. And when the time comes to do water well pump repair and change your filtration system, our Gainesville, FL pump repair technicians at Perry's Pump Repair are ready to help you pick the system that will best suit your personal needs.


Common Issues Found in Florida Water

No matter how good the quality of your water was in the past, there is always the potential for your well water to become contaminated. It is important to continue to have your water well pump repair company to check your water for potential elements that may cause harm to your family or house.